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Hours:Full Time
Job Type:Administrative

You are reading the State of New Jersey Job Descriptions. This is not a Job Vacancy Announcement.

Job Specification 05632




 Under   direction,  develops,  organizes,  coordinates,  directs,
 supervises,  plans, administers, and monitors  several  community
 oriented  health programs and services provided to  participating
 municipalities by a county health agency on a contractual  basis;
 does related work as required.

 NOTE: The definition and examples of work for this title are for
 illustrative  purposes only.  A particular  position  using  this
 title   may   not  perform  all  duties  listed   in   this   job
 specification.  Conversely, all duties performed on the  job  may
 not be listed.


 Meets   with  local  officials,  community  groups,  and   health
 officials to assess community health needs and provides technical

 Plans,   develops,  and  administers  various  community   health
 programs and the delivery systems to be utilized.

 Supervises subordinate staff.

 Maintains active liaison with state and local government agencies
 and  organizations to discuss health and health related  programs
 and     qualifying     conditions    for     participation     in
 sponsored/subsidized activities.

 Is  responsible for the administration and supervision of several
 community  oriented health programs and services such  as  health
 education,   communicable   disease   prevention   and   control,
 immunization, and so forth.

 Develops program policies and procedures.

 Coordinates  program  activities  internally  within  the  agency
 and/or  with  state,  county, and municipal government  agencies,
 community groups, and so forth.

 Monitors  program  activities to ensure that  implementation  and
 prescribed  activities  are  carried  out  in  accord  with   the
 specified objectives and/or contracted agreements.

 Interprets funding guidelines and ensures compliance.

 Participates in the selection, training, and evaluation of staff.

 Prepares correspondence.

 Takes  affirmative  action on complaints, requests,  or  internal
 directives received.

 Effectuates  quality control activities entailing the  monitoring
 and evaluation of the programs for efficiency and effectiveness.

 Supervises the establishment and maintenance of essential records
 and files.

 Directs and supervises the providing of certain community  health
 services  to  participating municipalities to ensure  conformance
 with  the  regulations for minimum standards of  performance  for
 local municipalities promulgated by the New Jersey Department  of
 Health and Senior Services.

 Delegates  and  assigns specific duties and  functions  to  staff
 prioritizing  such  functions  as required  by  community  needs,
 available manpower, equipment, and resources.

 Schedules  and allocates human resources and equipment  resources
 to various community health activities.

 Supervises assigned employees in the performance of their  duties
 and responsibilities.

 Prepares the unit's annual budget.

 Will  be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic
 and/or manual recording and computerized information systems used
 by  the agency, office, or related units.



       Graduation from an accredited college or university with  a
 Master's  degree  in Health Care Administration, Health  Services
 Administration, Public Health or Hospital Administration,  Health
 Sciences,  Public Administration, Business Administration,  Human
 Services Administration, or Environmental Sciences.


      Five (5) years of experience in public health administration
 involving  the planning, organizing, and coordinating  of  health
 care  services to individuals or the community, two (2) of  which
 shall have been in a supervisory or administrative capacity.


       Appointees  will be required to possess a driver's  license
 valid  in  New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle,  rather
 than   employee  mobility, is necessary to perform the  essential
 duties of the  position.


 Knowledge of federal, state, and local public health laws, rules,
 regulations,  ordinances,  policies, standards,  procedures,  and
 their application to specific situations.

 Knowledge of the provisions of the local and state sanitary  code
 and their proper application.

 Knowledge of techniques used in public health administration.

 Knowledge of records required in a public health program.

 Ability  to organize assigned public health work, analyze  public
 health programs, and develop effective work methods.

 Ability  to  analyze  and  interpret basic  public  health  laws,
 regulations,  rules, and procedures, and apply them  to  specific

 Ability  to  make  epidemiological investigations  of  contagious
 diseases and to take the proper control action.

 Ability  to  make  effective  use of  modern  preventive  disease

 Ability  to  work  harmoniously with  citizens,  physicians,  and
 others on community health matters.

 Ability  to  give  appropriate assignments  and  instructions  to
 technical health and other staff and supervise the performance of
 their work.

 Ability  to  make  effective use of available  funds,  personnel,
 equipment, materials, supplies, and space.

 Ability  to conduct presentations before health professional  and
 nonhealth professionals, community groups, and the general public
 concerning problems and programs in public health.

 Ability to draft correspondence.

 Ability  to  prepare  clear,  sound,  accurate,  and  informative
 statistical  and other reports containing findings,  conclusions,
 and recommendations.

 Ability  to  work  harmoniously with associates and  the  general

 Ability  to  supervise  the  establishment  and  maintenance   of
 essential records and files.

 Ability  to analyze, comprehend, interpret, and apply the theory,
 principles, practices, and techniques of community health.

 Ability  to  learn to utilize various types of electronic  and/or
 manual  recording  and information systems used  by  the  agency,
 office, or  related units.

 Ability  to  read,  write, speak, understand, or  communicate  in
 English  sufficiently  to perform the duties  of  this  position.
 American   Sign  Language or Braille may also  be  considered  as
 acceptable forms of  communication.

 Persons  with  mental or physical disabilities  are  eligible  as
 long as they can perform the essential functions of the job after
 reasonable accommodation is made to their known limitations.   If
 the   accommodation  cannot be made because it  would  cause  the
 employer undue  hardship, such persons may not be eligible.

 CODES: LG-05632              CAH/hw                  1/16/97

 This job specification is for local government use only.