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November 13, 2019
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A Demonstration Department  
Frequently Asked Questions   
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Welcome to the Demonstration department FAQ web site section. Each department can optionally display its own individual FAQ section comprised of questions and answers associated associated with its own operations. 

Each department FAQ sections is separate and in addition to the main web site FAQ section and other department FAQ sections.  

      - What type of FAQ's can be posted?
      - Why post FAQ's on the website?

    DEMO FAQ's
          What type of FAQ's can be posted?
The town has the flexibility to easily & quickly post FAQ's by category & department. This enables the town to easily manage their FAQ content, and it allows the public to more easily & quickly find answers to their questions & the information they are seeking. 

          Why post FAQ's on the website?
By posting a Frequently Asked Question with an associated answer on the website, the town can provide information to the public, and answer their questions, more quickly & efficiently than the more typical methods of telephone calls, written requests or physically traveling to the town to speak with town staff. 

FAQ's that are department specific can easily & quickly be posted within the departmental websites. This enables the individual departments to offer an enhanced level of service to the public for information & services associated with that department.


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