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December 10, 2019
10:22 PM

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    Our web-based interactive applications can help your municipality to achieve its e-government goals.

    Our application modules can be integrated into your existing municipal website or implemented as a complete web site solution

    Type & click website content-management empowers the municipality to manage the website quickly and easily. Web page styles & formats are customizable by the municipality, and because the foundation is a database application, user security can be set for individual personnel and website module applications.

    You have the options for your website design to  to use a custom design from a graphic designer that you would select, or to work with a Cit-e-Net selected designer, or if speed and low cost of implementation are your more important key points you can choose to use a standard design based on the Cit-e-Net website application standard format.

    It's your choice in selecting the options you would choose to implement the website!     
    Please contact us at to view a demonstration of our municipal web site solution if you are an elected official or member of municipal management and your municipality is looking for a cost efficient method for enhancing & improving municipal services. 

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