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Browse the news in the categories you would create for the pulldown-menu. 

The News application allows your town to quickly and easily manage the release and display of news & announcements for public viewing.

News categories can easily be added to the pull-down menu for flexible news & information management, such as managing municipal press releases.

Items are listed for viewing in the order of their released dates for easy reference, with the first news item in the selected category automatically displaying its full content

News Item Content

Release Date: July 04, 2013
Display various types of content within any news item, such as PDF's, Spreadsheets, Images.

You can easily include a PDF as an associated printable document, or include tables, spreadsheets, images or photos for display within the news item that you'll display.  

Recreation League Standings




Bluebirds 3 0
Bears 2 1
Mustangs 1 2
Cougars 0 3

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