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October 20, 2019
2:44 AM

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Your Town 2018 Acheivements
Release Date: January 03, 2019

Your Town 

2018 Achievements


  1. Our Excellent Financial Record: We continue our financial record that includes very low debt, a surplus at the end of each year, no deficits, kept    below the New York State tax cap mandate which resulted in tax refund checks sent to our taxpayers from the State due to the town’s excellent financial efforts.  Also, we continued our very low town tax record in 2018. Over the 26 years of this administration we have only increased town taxes by 1 % total.


  1. We purchased and/or leased nine trucks, equipment and vehicles without borrowing for these important purchases.  We update and improve our fleet inorder to continue our good services for our community.


  1. Also, we hired eight skilled employees to fill vacancies and/or to provide additional services to our town.  We hire 200 town youth for summer seasonal work.


  1. Recreation, Parks and Fields:
    1. We constructed a new water spray park at our town pool.  It features many new water spray features that add enjoyment for our youth.
    2. A new lacrosse/all purpose field at Sprout Brook Park was completed.  It’s a very lovely field that is an addition to our little league field, outdoor pavilion, a year round playground, a dog park, soccer fields and softball fields with lights.
    3. Our Summer Outdoor Concerts and Movie Series continued (free of charge) at our Waterfront Park by the Hudson River in the hamlet of Verplanck. These events were enjoyed by all and we thank our committee members.
    4. We once again hosted our Family Fun Day with fireworks, the 5K Run, the charitable town golf outing at the Golf Course, a Halloween Costume Parade for the dogs in our community, an egg hunt, a tree lighting in December on top of all of our other town activities, sport programs, youth center and senior programs.  We are very proud of all of our programs and amenities we have to offer our residents.
    5. The C.U.E. is open on weekend evenings at the back movie entrance at the Town Center and is well supervised for our teenagers with recreational enjoyment (pool table, ping pong, TV’s, etc.)  A safe place for our teens to congregate on weekend nights.
    6. We continued to offer important substance abuse prevention programs and provided a secure drop-off location at Town Hall for prescription drugs overseen by the Police Department.


  1. The new “Crossing” shopping mall approved by the Town’s planning board broke ground and will be completed by the end of 2019 with new stores, a restaurant, etc.  This smaller mall area will provide more job opportunities and tax revenue.  Also, more sidewalks and a traffic light by Baker Street are part of this project.


  1. A new water storage tank for an additional 3 million gallons of water was constructed with the Water Works, a shared service that filters our water.  Also, another water storage tank is under construction in 2019 for 1.5 million gallons of water storage off Croton Avenue.


  1. We repaved seven miles of our town roads for a total cost of $2 million dollars and did not borrow for this capital improvement project.  The town also completed many linear feet of waterline replacement in various locations in the town.


  1. We launched the next phase of our Otocast app on your phone for recreational activities, fields and parks in the Town.  Phase one was all of our important historical sites.  Just download the historical app on your phones and visit these exciting locations.


  1. We began implementing and planning for the important ideas adopted in our recent “Envision” Master Plan.  They include more sustainability throughout the Town, an increase in creating vital hubs such as a medical oriented district near our hospital and train Station.  The award winning Envision Master Plan can be read in depth on-line on our town website.


  1. The town held many Veteran ceremonies in 2018, rededicated the lovely Purple Heart Memorial at town hall and completed plans for a new Vietnam War (50th anniversary) memorial also located at Town Hall to honor the men and women who served during this trying time in our history.  We also have a beautiful memorial at the Waterfront Park to honor Veterans of all wars.


  1. We continued to support our local businesses and held a Shop, Dine and Do Business in Town in the month of May.  However, we always encourage our residents to shop, dine and do business locally.  


  1. Planning for the property we purchased from Con Edison (100 acres in the hamlet of Verplanck by the Hudson River) has begun.  Very exciting ideas are being discussed – an aquatic park to use the quarry on the property is one of them.  Also, an expansion of sports fields, a dog park, walking paths and a handball court are all proposals being considered on this property.


  1. The Park located next to the town owned lake, saw a completion and dedication of this new renovated park with benches, a community garden, plantings of trees and an outdoor basketball court.  We are so very proud of this park, as well.


  1. Councilman Zelmo has made an idea of having a rowing association in town become a reality.  It is a great success with many crew members. Two docks were built by the town and they’ve had several championship crew teams.  The Community Rowing Association has a website.  Please view and perhaps you’d like to join!


  1. We use many forms of communication to disseminate information to our residents:  town website and facebook pages, e-mails (if you haven’t signed up, contact the Supervisor’s office), the recreation brochure, annual water report, numerous Supervisor press releases and press conferences, as well as, the Code Red calls for emergencies.


“We thank all of our volunteers, emergency service providers, our town employees and all of our residents and their families for making

Your Town a wonderful place to live.

It is a great honor to serve as Town Supervisor.  I thank you all for your support over the years and continue to pledge to always do my best for our community”. 

~ Jane 






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