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Fastlane - Register to speed up your future payments and checkout.

With Fastlane you can save your property accounts and payment methods to make your payments easier and quicker.

Option 1:  AUTOPAY. You can sign up for AUTOPAY beginning the later-June/July timeframe.

Enter your information once (including your routing number and account). 

Then forget about it.  

Your account will be charged each quarter for the right amount.  

Never any interest or late charges.

No worries.

Option 2:  Save your payment information by registering (available now).    

            Tired of looking up your routing number and account number each quarter?  We have great news.

You can enter your routing number and account number once.  

Each quarter when you come to the site to pay, you simply login. 

You don’t need to remember your routing number and account number; we take care of it for you.


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