The Cit-e-Net solution enables each department to separately manage it's own content and present itself as it's own virtual web site, if desired.

Unlike most web sites, the Cit-e-Net solution enables municipal staff to add, change or delete content easily & efficiently without having to be proficient in web programming. Authorized staff can upload word processing, image documents or enter content directly into the website.

Management can preview page content prior to having it display on the web site, and authorize page content to actively display on the web site after the content approval process has been completed. The only skill that's basically required is how to type!

Each department can have its own full function comprehensive web site, comparable to the main web site, where you can easily manage and display department specific information for News, Forms, Contacts, FAQ's, Meeting Schedules, Events & Links and more.   

Each department has the capability to have its own web page style different from the main web site style if the municipality would allow. Web page styles can even be easily changed for individual web pages, as can be seen for the different  style on this specific web page that you are viewing!