The Office of the Tax Collector bills over 4,000 tax payers and collects taxes quarterly. A ten day payment grace period from the tax bill due date is provided by resolution of the Mayor and Council, after which, interest is charged from the first day of the month in which the payments are due. 

Taxpayers are urged to read carefully all the information contained on their tax bills, both front and back. To help prevent delays to other taxpayers when paying taxes in person, please bring your tax bill and, if possible, have your check written out in advance.  If you are mailing the check for your taxes, please be certain that you are paying the amount for the correct quarter. If your check has to be sent back, it may result in interest charges. 

If a receipt is required, please send your entire bill with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If no receipt is needed, just send in the proper stub and check.

If you are paying your tax online using the borough's online tax payment application, then a payment submission digital receipt webpage will display for you at the time the borough receives your online tax payment submission. You should print or otherwise save that payment submission digital receipt webpage, as that webpage will be your official online payment submission receipt.